Solidarity Pickets in Warsaw

On December 9 Warsaw anarchists organized solidarity pickets at the Greek and the French embassies. The first took place in front of the Greek Embassy. The protestors held pictures of Alexandros-Andreas Grigoropoulos, killed by police a few days ago. The anarchists, besides condemning the murder also expressed their support for protestors in Greece, for the planned general strike and the stuggle against capitalism and neoliberal reforms in Greece. The chanted different slogans such as "Murderers", "That’s what your "democracy" is like", "Solidarity is our Weapon", "Bourgeoisie your end is near" and "No justice, no peace". Embassy employees refused to speak to the protestors.
After some time, the protest moved up the block to the French Embassy. Passing the Parliament, just next to the Embassy, a siren was sounded and anarchists yelled "Watch out! Anarchists are coming!". At the French Embassy the protestors expressed their solidarity for the Tarnac 9. They also criticized the politics of Sarkozy.
At this time, the police tried to put an end to the protests but part of the people regrouped and went back to the Greek Embassy, part of them going through the terrain of the parliament. The police decided that the group, now down to just a little over a dozen people were some "potential terrorist threat" to the Embassy, which prompted some laughs. A few people spontaneously decided to TP the Embassy. The anarchists promised to come back in the next few days in a bigger group and protest again.


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